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Alison’s in a movie, and her ‘love interest’s’ name is Scott… SCOTT!! are you serious!!! this is like rubbing salt on my wounds! seriously people why not make his full name Scott MaCall, im sure that will be much more effective in stabbing your viewers hearts. Much, much, much more effective.

Sorry Teen Wolf post season finale mini freakout…. you guys should watch the show

I want to be Jennifer Lawrence


OK so I just watched “The Silver Linings Playbook” and can I just say that Jennifer Lawrence is one lucky (sexy) bitch!! I mean she gets to make out with just the hottest people alive!!! I mean Bradley Cooper!!! who doesn’t wanna make out with that guy? look at him. LOOK AT HIM!! brad cooper

I’ve been in love with him since Alias came out, which was years ago!! YEARS!! and don’t get me started on Josh Hutcherson! josh-hutcherson-tie

I mean what does a girl have to give to be her? like really id give everything! and you can’t even hate her, because she is fucking amazing and beautiful and awesome! so yeah I wanna be Jennifer Lawrence, if anyone knows a witch or something that can make me her then please comment….

oh and here is a trailer for the movie if you haven’t seen it yet

silver linings playbook