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Excuse me sir, but my bullshit radar is off the charts. (Using the default font. This shit is serious)



Since the past month, Polly has found a significant other who lives in Ohio. How did they meet? “I’ll never tell nyaha”

So they were happy and whatnot, behaving like any other couple, except half of the relationship wreaked of burned bullshit over a fire fueled with gaso-bullshit. Not only was this kid a “broken child”, but he often asserted his own pain on our little Polly. It was quite disgusting. It wasn’t  just the fact that he called her “babe” every few seconds (which felt like someone calling my little sister that), here’s the pic:

No, the equivalent of what I’m about to share is as painful as getting falcon kicked in the face

And for the ladies:

Ya…that time of the month.

What he did was way out of line. And by out of line, I mean Picasso would be jelly.

Soon after they broke up,

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