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so I don’t make many manga posts but anyways here is one…. so there is this really good manga called WANTED and its only like 3 chapters so u guys should read it here is a link (click on pic) and it also has a summary of the manga

and when u finish reading the manga here is a good fanfiction πŸ˜€

The Host movie


so i just found out thatΒ  they are making a movie for The Host and when i saw the trailer that they just released i have to say i have mixed feelings for this…. so here is the trailer and the cast for the movie and also what i think about them as the characters….

The Cast:

Melanie Stryder: Saoirse Ronan – she looks too delicate in my opinion but she did work in ‘Hanna’ so maybe she’ll be good ….???

The Seeker: Diane Kruger – not how I imagined it but I can see her as The Seeker

Ian O’Shea: Jake Able (or the guy who played Luke in Percy Jackson) – PERFECT!!!! ❀ πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

Jeb Stryder: William Hurt – I can sort of see it…..

Maggie Stryder: Frances Fisher – yup I can see her being Maggie

Jared Howe: Max Irons – …..wait… WHAT?!?!?! does anyone see Jared in him..???

Jamie Stryder: Chandler Canterbury – he is too young but he’s so CUTE!!! he’ll do! πŸ˜›

Kyle O’Sea: Boyd Holbrook – not how I imagined him AT ALL