lost phone


so this happened a while ago but i just remembered to make a post about it…  at the starting for december I had to carry a big cardboard box to school due to a project. that day i was planning to take the bus but i missed it so i had to walk to school…. as you can imagine it was really uncomfortable…  anyways I was running late (like always! 😉 ) and took my phone out of my pocket but then when i put it in my jacket pocket i dropped and didn’t notice…. later when i went to look for it I didn’t find it so I tried calling it and sending text messages but it was turned off. now you may be thinking that maybe it just ran out of batteries but I had charged it the day before so that’s not possible and it wouldn’t disappear. I didn’t find it anywhere so after like a week or so I got a new phone and had my number transferred and got all the text messages that were send to me during the time that it was missing….. and I think this meme is a perfect example of what it was like so there you go! 😀

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