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Cute fanfic about Percy proposing to Annabeth ❤

This is different fanfic  😀

also this is what I imagined Annabeth’s dress looks like (u’ll get it if u read the second fanfic)

Rant #4 (this is gonna be a long rant)


In one of my classes I m stuck with these two girls (we’ll call them Bitches from now on, since I couldn’t think of anything else) for a project and today we were having an individual interview kinda thing with the teacher about it. For the project we had to come up with a name for our group then make and put up posters about the informing people of us collecting food, and these girls did NOTHING, I had to do everything from coming up with a group name to the good copy of the poster them putting them up (with the help of one other girl, my group had 7 other people….) and even collecting the food. Not only these girls not do anything they also don’t show up to class and don’t even do their work, I mean bitch #1 asked me if Paris was in London…

and bitch #2 asked me the meaning of dining (eating)

 Honestly I have no problem with their stupidity since they never show up to class anyways, though I have to say that I would appreciate it if the teacher didn’t put me in a group full of dumb bimbos…!!! As I previously mentioned that we had to meet with the teacher about the project, we talked about the group and stuff and the teacher said that she noticed that I was basically doing all the work by myself..

and that she’ll put me in a different group for the sammative n in my head i did a happy dance like so

after their turn with the teacher class was almost over and I was about to leave when Bitch #1 is like “Gri (me) I M FAILING CUZ OF U!!!!!” and I m just like ‘what the hell, what did I do…????’ then they both try to gang up on me and start saying shit like oh u told her that we didn’t do anything, n blah blah blah…..n I just listen to them for a couple of minutes and well…I… snapped….

I pretty much scared the shit out of my friend that was with me at the time… I mean really??? How the fuck m I the reason that your failing??? Please explain to it me since I clearly don’t get it..!!

Anyways so later they were all like

(sorry Paulus I stole ur giff but it was just to perfect!) but you know what I don’t care I’ll even apologies… “I m soooooo sooooorrry that I make u miss class even though I NEVER talk to you outside or even INSIDE of class and that I have seen u more smoking on the street corner than I have in class. I m really sorry from the bottom of my heart that you never do any of the assignments and that even when u do, do them u get ones and twos… above all i m soooo sooo SOORRRY that both of you are SO FUCKING STUPID, because obviously that is my fault.

I ended up leaving with a glare that pretty much said

(i want a shirt that says this) 

and when I found out that the teacher had put me in a group with my friends….well.. this says it all

 Now that I have it off my mind I can finally study for the test tomorrow! 😀