Rant #1


Ok so on thursday I redid a fashion presentation because I didn’t like the mark I originally got. The presentation was during lunch so I had to do it in the teacher’s office. No problem, nothing wrong with that. BUT then she starts eating a CHOCOLATE CAKE IN FRONT OF MY FACE!!!! I havent had lunch yet and there she is eating that gorgeous and delicious cake in front of me, rubbing it in!!! I mean if you were gonna eat it at least wait till I m gone…… and she KNEW I hadn’t had lunch yet but she just keeps on eating….!!!!!! PISSED ME OFF SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! 😡 😡

Anyways I finished my presentation and then ranted about it to Paulus and Gems!! 😀 😀 ❤

This is what the caked looked like:

 Also did i forget to mention it was from Costco

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